Feeding Chickens for Health and the Best Eggs


Most people raising chickens for the first time over-complicate their needs…wasting money on fancy gadgets and equipment they don’t need. Backyard chicken farming is relatively simple, with your birds’ only needs being food, shelter, and water. While poultry waterers and feeders are nice, they aren’t necessary; anything deep enough to avoid tipping and the chickens … Read more

10 Most Asked Chicken Questions


I love talking about our chickens. Let’s face it: chickens are essential for farm-fresh eggs and are interesting and fun. Lately, I’ve noticed more interest in hearing about the crazy antics of my chickens. They especially love Bruno, our attack rooster, named after judge Bruno on Dancing with the Stars for his “colorful and loud” … Read more

Backyard Chickens – The 5 Best Meat Chicken Breeds

Delaware Rooster

Are you thinking about raising meat chickens in a backyard and wonderingwhich meat chicken breeds are best? With the growing popularity of raisingbackyard chickens comes an increasing interest in raising meat chickens. Dual-purpose chickens, those yielding both eggs and meat, are the most popular.But many backyard chicken farmers are turning to meat chickens for their betterflavor. … Read more

Raising Show Chickens


Raising Show Chickens and What I Need to Know Backyard chicken farmers raise chickens for various reasons with two of the most common being eggs and pets. However, with the rising popularity of raising show chickens, we need more information about this hobby. First Things First My best advice to anyone wanting to raise show chickens is: … Read more