Our Guest Post Guidelines and Policies

If you would like to submit a guest post for potential publication, we are thrilled and thank you for considering our blog.

First a Few General Conditions Before Submitting

  • Posts from companies looking to get a link to a product or service we’ve never heard of or something not compatible with our site will not be considered.
  • Please read the guidelines as they provide valuable information needed to get your post accepted. If your submission is not sent accordingly, your post will not be considered.
  • By following these guidelines, you stand a much better chance of getting your article accepted for The Backyard Chicken Farmer.

Accepted Content

Good guest post content is anything that is useful and informative to our readers. The Backyard Chicken Farmer covers topics pertaining to raising chickens and small space homesteading including, chicken breeds, egg layers, meat chickens, pet chickens, gardening, cooking, and preserving food, to name a few. Please only send posts with relevant content.

You may include up to 3 links to your own website and/or a product of yours. Links of informative nature, are acceptable in the body of the post i.e., reference sites like Wikipedia. However, if there are too many links, we won’t run your post.

No affiliate links allowed.

Starting the Process

Start by sending an article proposal to with the subject line “GUEST POST PROPOSAL” (all caps). Do not send the full article until we request it. Include the following items in your proposal.

  • A brief blurb about who you are.
  • The title of your proposed post.
  • Outline the topic with bullet points.
  • Close with a short synopsis of how The Backyard Chicken Farmer readers will benefit from your article.
  • Attach your guest post proposal in a Word or text document format.

General Guidelines

  • Submit a post with extremely useful content. Ask yourself, ‘How will The Backyard Chicken Farmer’s readers benefit from my submission?’
  • Post must be at 700-1500 words.
  • To clarify your points, please try using examples whenever possible.
  • Content must be fresh and cannot be published in any form, web or print.
  • Post must not violate any copyright laws (we verify with Copyscape).
  • Post cannot be published anywhere else, including but not limited to: other blogs as a guest post, your own blog, or print copy of any kind.
  • If your article is accepted, you grant a license for The Backyard Chicken Farmer to be the exclusive publisher. The article in its entirety cannot appear elsewhere, however, you may republish extracts on your own site, referring back to The Backyard Chicken Farmer for the full article.
  • If we accept your article, you consent to the full article, any samples or examples of the article, and any extracts, appearing in other products and/or services of The Backyard Chicken Farmer. This is with the understanding that we will give you credit as the author.
  • Be prepared to answer comments in a timely manner.

A Well Written Post

Once we accept your proposal and request the article be written, we may require changes or we may make edits for better clarity, grammar etc. We strive to bring our readers accurate and appealing articles so we are a little picky at times.

Here are some tips to help your guest post get accepted:

  • Proper language skills, grammar, and punctuation along with correct spelling and style skills with no typos, are a must.
  • Submit a well edited post. Rewrite a few times and consider putting it aside for a couple of days before editing again.
  • Your post needs to be practical and helpful while keeping the reader’s interest. Be an expert and voice your authority over the subject matter.
  • Bring the ending of your story to a good conclusion. This encourages conversation and commentary.

Formatting Guidelines

  • Submit your article in a Word or text document format.
  • Article needs to be 700-1500 words.
  • Include a fun and interesting bio with a link to your website. Do not spam with keywords.
  • Use subheadings, bold font for key sentences, and bulleted lists. This makes your article easy to scan.
  • Add a great title, something that gets their attention. Why Headlines Fail, at Psychotactics, is a great informational download about writing headlines that stand out.
  • Include links that are relevant and offer our readers value.
  • Credit all sources and assets.
  • We do not permit affiliate links of any type.  

Submission Guidelines

Please send an email to with the subject line “GUEST POST – THE CHICKEN FARMER” (in all caps). Any submissions without this subject line will be rejected.

It takes time, between 1 to 3 weeks, before we confirm acceptance for publication, so please be patient.