Deviled Egg Recipes

deviled eggs

What backyard chicken farmer cook book is complete without deviled egg recipes? They are a versatile dish for parties, a family get together, pot luck dinner, or just a side dish for supper.

How to Roast a Chicken – The Better Way

How to Roast a Chicken

 Roast a Chicken – The Better Way The Backyard Chicken Farmer Recipe Corner wouldn’t be complete without instructions for how to roast a chicken the better way. Or what I consider the better way. I learned how to roast chicken from my grandmother, who lived most of her life on my grandfather’s chicken farm. This was a small local … Read more

Inexpensive Food Storage Expansion – Day 2

Day 2 Came Bright and Early                      Where We Left Off On day one of building an inexpensive food storage pantry, we left off with all the framing done, the sheetrock up, and the door runner hung. All that was left was to finish up the cosmetic work, such as sanding down the edges, filling nail … Read more

Inexpensive Food Storage Expansion – Day 1

It was called a pantry, but as small as it was, I called it a broom closet for food.                                                   The Broom Closet Pantry Before Homely little thing, isn’t it (and I stress little)? Not to mention, barely enough room to store a month’s worth of food. Actually, I love to cook for family … Read more