10 Most Asked Chicken Questions


I love talking about our chickens. Let’s face it: chickens are essential for farm-fresh eggs and are interesting and fun. Lately, I’ve noticed more interest in hearing about the crazy antics of my chickens. They especially love Bruno, our attack rooster, named after judge Bruno on Dancing with the Stars for his “colorful and loud” … Read more

How To Get Ready For Baby Chicks

baby chicks

I know it is still winter, but it is never too early to start planning for spring when it comes to raising chickens. Mid to late winter is when we start thinking about adding chickens to our flock and what chickens we need to add. We raise mostly laying hens, so we decide what breeds … Read more

Preventing Common Chicken Diseases

How To Prevent Common Chicken Diseases

If you’re raising chickens, you want to ensure they’re healthy, happy, and productive. One crucial aspect of achieving this is preventing common chicken diseases—a task easier said than done, but I’m here to guide you through it. Diseases can be a significant setback for any poultry enthusiast, whether you’re running a large-scale farm or keeping … Read more

Caring For Chickens In The Winter


Warm weather is winding down as cooler weather moves in, bringing a taste of the coming winter. As well as preparing your home for the long winter months, it’s time to prepare your urban chickens for winter. With a possible cold, wet winter and prolonged subzero temperature in many areas of the country, ensuring your … Read more

Chickens For Cold Climates


When raising backyard chickens, one of the most critical considerations is researching the breeds best for your location. If you live in a hot climate, you need a heat-tolerant breed, but a cold, hardy chicken is best in the colder, northern climates. If you choose the wrong breed for your climate, you will likely have … Read more

Chicken Waste Management


I’m going to kick things off by talking about chicken waste – not the most glamorous topic, I know, but hear me out. This stuff is a significant by-product of the poultry industry, composed of manure, feathers, spilled feed, and bedding material. It’s not just something farmers deal with; it’s got broader implications. You’re going … Read more