Hurricane Iniki ChickensBefore deciding where to buy your chickens, you need to decide what breeds best suit your needs and environment. Chickens are bred for specific purposes like egg laying and meat, and others are bred for different climates. Some breeds, like Blue Andalusian, are better suited to hot, humid climates while Rhode Island Reds adapt to some of the coldest.

Trying to choose the right breed plus knowing how to take care of a flock is sometimes overwhelming to a first time backyard chicken farmer.


  • Choosing chicken breeds and where to buy them.
  • Setting up the brooder and what you need for day old chicks.
  • Getting ready for your new flock.
  • The best foods for your chickens and how to feed them, including the recipe for our own homemade organic feed.
  • Providing for grown chickens, including a chart with coop and run dimensions for the different sizes of chickens.
  • Chicken coop cleaning made easy without chemicals.
  • Common chicken diseases, what to look for and how to treat them.
  • Setting up a bio-security system to keep your chickens healthy.

and more…

Raising Chickens for Fun and Profit has everything you need for starting a backyard flock in one, easy to understand reference book.

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