Raising Chickens for Fun and Profit

After months of writing and editing, our long-awaited e-book, Raising Chickens for Fun and Profit, is now available. Listening to the requests of our readers, we’ve compiled all the information a new backyard chicken farmer needs for their first flock.• Choosing chicken breeds, where … Continue reading

I Want More Info Poll

 Sometimes I am at a loss for what to post for my readers. Do they want more information on laying hens, Building a chicken coop, or how to raise meat chickens. So with all these possible article ideas running around in my head, you have to wonder, “What’s a backyard chicken blogger to … Continue reading

Heritage Chicken Breeds

Heritage Chicken Breeds HistoryChickens and their eggs are a main part of the American diet. Since making their first appearance with Spanish explorers we’ve seen breeds developed specifically for enhanced meat and egg production.In 1873, the American Poultry Association published … Continue reading